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Co-Parenting During The Holidays Explained

Kids love the holiday season. However, parents have a lot more on their plate during this time of year. Not only do they have to ensure that their kids are making happy memories, but they also have to balance life with their co-parents if they are divorced. Autumn Beck Blackledge PLLC understands the difficulties that come with co-parenting and is here to provide you with tips to help.

Talk With Your Kids

Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to put your kids first and have conversations with them. Tell them the intended plans for the upcoming holiday season while also giving them time to ask questions. If the kids are old enough, they may have their own opinions about the schedule or plans to attend to. Regardless, it is crucial to make your kids feel as though they are part of the process.

Discuss Things With Your Ex

While your custody agreement will detail exactly what will happen over the holidays, it is good to review things with your ex. Maybe there are intricacies in the plan that you both forgot about, such as when the kids will be dropped off at their grandparents’ house for family dinner. Another essential aspect to discuss is what gifts are and are not acceptable for the kids. Make sure that you and your co-parent know exactly what you are both purchasing to avoid multiples of the same gift.

Try to Stay Flexible

Even though you have a parenting plan, things happen sometimes. Maybe the cousins have randomly stopped in for a visit, and you need the kids a bit later, or perhaps they want to go to their other parent’s house to see a friend. There are endless possibilities as to what can disrupt your parenting schedule. However, try to remain as flexible as possible with your partner. You never know when you might need the same flexibility. Furthermore, by staying flexible, you are providing your kids with a less rigid holiday season.

Create Time For Yourself

Even though the holidays are all about spending time with family, it is essential to give yourself time if you are stressed. It is normal to feel stressed or overwhelmed about co-parenting during the holidays. Engage with new traditions for yourself when you do have time alone.

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