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Holiday Co-Parenting Guide

Families of divorce have difficulties coping during the holidays. Parents struggle with sharing precious time with their children, while children can feel stressed having to go back and forth between two homes. However, when parents put their children’s needs and happiness first, they can make the holiday season special for their kids. Here are some tips to navigate the holidays with your co-parent.

Put Your Children First

The most important thing to remember to ensure successful co-parenting is putting the needs of your children first. Their best interests should be the top priority when you and your co-parent make any decisions for them. Let this be your guiding principle in everything you do for them. For example, when planning family events, co-parents shouldn’t create a jammed pack schedule of family events in one weekend. Kids need time to decompress (especially children of divorce) and relax with their loved ones.

Plan Ahead

In most cases, you and your co-parent should have established a parenting plan already that outlines how the kids will spend their time between each household during the holidays. However, as your kids get older, this plan may need adjusting to meet their changing needs. Get with your co-parent well in advance to determine specific events, traditions, and events that are important for your child to experience. These should increase your child’s happiness and not something that will bring them stress.

Be Flexible

Flexibility is key in co-parenting. While it’s best to follow custody schedules to the best of each parent’s ability, life isn’t 100% predictable. Unexpected events are inevitable, and when they do occur, try to be flexible (within reason). Obviously, this doesn’t mean letting your ex steamroll over your time with your children, but if something like an unexpected visit from your ex’s relatives, then consider adjusting the custody schedule so that your kid can join in the festivities. If your co-parent keeps asking for adjustments, calmly remind them that it isn’t fair to either you or, more importantly, your child that their time is being drastically cut.

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