couple signing a divorce certificate

Fast Track Divorce

Today I wanted to talk with you about what our firm has been working on with regards to an uncontested divorce.

Now you’ve already heard quite a bit from Meredith Taylor in our office, and also Alex Powell, regarding dissolutions of marriage with special attention being paid to uncontested dissolutions of marriage. But just like every divorce case and every family law case is slightly different, even uncontested cases can be slightly different, and there are handfuls of cases that even with an uncontested divorce, it’s not moving quite enough for our client and they want a more guaranteed timeline.

For that reason, because our clients have asked us for this, for something that they can guarantee that they’re going to get turnaround time on, we’ve been working on what our office is calling our “fast track divorce” package. These are going to be flat rate divorces.

By the time you come into our office, you will have already prepared many of the documents and the forms that we need so that we can get petitions for dissolution of marriage, marital settlement agreements and parenting plans turned back to you within about a week. We will also give you a guaranteed timeline of when we can file our pleadings.

As Meredith’s told you in one of her videos, she said that one of the main questions she gets asked, two questions, how much is this going to cost and how long is this going to take? And we are trying to answer both of those questions with our fast track divorce. We’ll give you a flat rate and we’ll also be able to tell you, at least from our end and your end, how long it will take. Now we can’t control our judges. We don’t know how long it’s going to take for them to actually sign off on things, but we can control how quickly we respond and how quickly we get things filed. And that’s what our fast track divorce is designed to do.

I hope this information today on our fast track divorce package was helpful, and thank you very much for spending a minute with me today.