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Pros of Contested Divorce

Sometimes it is possible for a couple to agree on the terms of their divorce. However, it is fairly common for issues to arise between the parties involved. If there is conflict impacting their ability to finalize the divorce, they may opt for a contested divorce process. In a previous blog, we reviewed the basics of a contested divorce, but it is important to understand the potential benefits of this process.

Finding Concealed Assets

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for an individual to conceal or hide assets during a divorce. This can impact the final outcome or agreement, as the courts will not be able to take the value of these items into consideration when dividing property. Furthermore, the concealment of assets could ultimately impact child support or alimony arrangements. By opting for a contested divorce, each party will gain access to the discovery process, where assets in question can be found.

Reaching a Fair Agreement

Along with hiding assets, it is not unusual for one party to make unfair requests or refuse to compromise. In these situations, it could possibly lead to an unbalanced or one-sided divorce settlement. While a contested divorce may seem like more work, it allows for a more fair outcome by allowing the courts to deem what is appropriate for the couple’s situation.

Doing What is Best for the Kids

Part of reaching a fair settlement is making a decision on the parenting time arrangements for the kids. If the parents cannot agree on parenting plans or time-sharing arrangements, it is necessary to seek out the help of the courts. In this process, the judge will prioritize the children's best interests. This includes determining each parent’s ability to provide for the children and any past actions that may influence the parent-child relationship.

Prioritizing Safety

In some situations, it is not ideal for an individual to negotiate with their ex-spouse to reach an agreement. For example, when there was abuse present in the marriage. With an abusive spouse, it is safest to allow the courts and an experienced divorce attorney to handle negotiations and guide the individual to their divorce settlement.

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