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Do Premarital Agreements Ruin Marriages?

Will a Prenup Ruin My Marriage?

Just like any other agreement, a premarital agreement, also known as a prenup, is a written contract you and your partner sign and agree on specific terms before getting married. The contract is like a record that protects your valuable assets and property if your marriage ends.

A premarital agreement will likely not be the reason if your marriage were to come to an end.

Unfortunately, premarital agreements have had a bad reputation over the years. Couples may be afraid that if they were to sign one, that would mean their marriage wouldn’t last long or their partner wanted to keep something away from them.

However, lately, premarital agreements have become more discussed by young couples who would like to protect assets and property that has some sentimental or financial value.

Benefits of Premarital Agreements

While you may have reservations about signing or asking your partner to sign a prenup, you can actually benefit from having one!


Premarital agreements provide a sense of security. A common reason some marriages fail is because of a lack of trust within the relationship.

Suppose you or your partner don’t trust each other because of finances, with your business, or a property you own. In that case, a premarital agreement can offer you a sense of relief and security that your valuables will remain with you in a divorce.


Although premarital agreements may seem one-sided, they actually have to be fair, and you and your partner would have to come to a mutual agreement that the contract reflects both of your interests.

It’s not uncommon for you or your partner to feel like you may be at a disadvantage, but an attorney with experience working with couples on premarital agreements can explain your options in greater detail.

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