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How to Modify Child Support in Florida

How to Modify Child Support

Even after a divorce is finalized, both parents are required to provide their children with financial support. Florida law has several factors that are considered when calculating child support payments from each parent. Circumstances, however, may dictate some type of adjustment to your child support payments, whether that adjustment be an increase from the other parent or a decrease to your own payments. In such cases, you can request a child support modification from the court.

When Can I Request a Child Support Modification?

Florida law dictates that the only cause for a child support modification request is a change in a parent’s income that is either involuntary, substantial, or permanent. Such situations can include:

  • A loss of a job with no expectation of obtaining employment soon after

  • A loss of a different source of income upon which part of your child support payments was based on

  • A significant increase/decrease in the child’s expenses after initial court calculation

  • The time spent with the child has increased/decreased significantly after the initial court calculation

The key here, however, is that the situation must be unanticipated; for example, losing your job due to a layoff enables you to seek a modification, but quitting your job voluntarily does not.

How Do I Request a Child Support Modification?

If you seek a modification to your child support payments, you need to file a Supplemental Petition to Modify Child Support and present this form to both the court and the other parent. You should be prepared to disclose your financial situation and any changes you have faced that resulted in your request. It is then up to the court to hear your case and determine any modifications to be made.

Find Assistance with Your Modification Request

If you’re facing unexpected financial hardship and believe you may qualify for modified child support payments, you shouldn’t delay in seeking help. Our team of experts at Autumn Beck Blackledge PLLC is here to help you navigate your difficulties and make your situation better.

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